Woman Police Officers


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Woman Police Officers

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My Lovely Mother
      The person that has influenced me ever since I was born was my mother. She taught me right from wrong and has always guided me to become the man that I am today. She is the most beautiful women I could have ever asked for as a mother. Everything she does it not only for her, but for her kids. What inspires me about her is that when ever things are not going well, she tries her best to be strong for us. My mother gives my siblings and me everything that many of us don’t have, a family and love.
I have always been a little stubborn and I have made so many mistakes. At the end I learned from all of them because my mom was there to help me and guide me, teaching me about life and what to expect. I admire my mother’s personality because some what or another we are alike. A mother can be a little too much, maybe too protective or maybe they are just annoying but what I have learned all this years is that mothers are the way they are because they love you and want the best for you. My mom has been like a friend to me, the one that I know will always be there at the end of each and everyday of my life.
      We might have our ups and downs, we might not talk for minutes, hours or maybe days but when there come a point where we need each other, we are always there. My mom is the best friend I know for sure will never leave my side. She has her foot print all over my heart and the love she expresses for me in my soul.   She is everything for me; my role model, the one and most important person in my life, the women I look up to and the women I admire the most in this life.   Everything I have today is thanks to her and everything I hope of being in the future I will do it not only for myself, but for my mother as well. I want to return the love and everything she has given me with hard work.
      My mother looks up to me; she wants me to become someone in life. She wants to lead me on to the right...