Policing in Kelsey


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Policing in Kelsey

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Budget Report
February 02, 2012

In this paper, I will discuss the budget cuts on the City of Kelsey.   The mayor has assigned me as a budget director to review and perform budget cuts on the City’s Police Department, due to a 15% budget cut on the City deficit.   The state legislature wants to hire less Police Officers and build more prisons.
The Police Department currently has an annual budget of $16,177,678.   With the 15% budget cut, the mayor is requesting from the Police Department, that leaves a new annual budget of $14,236,356, a decrease of $1,941,322.
The major change that will affect the fiscal cycle of this budget year is the decrease in the hiring of Police Officers.   The City of Kelsey was in the process of hiring 10 new Police Officers to fill the 10 position that were vacant, due to six retiring Police Officers and four Police Officers finding other employment.   Now with the 15% budget cut, the City will not be filling these opened positions, thus saving the City $1,200,000.  
New vehicle and maintenance cost will also decrease, due to not hiring the new officers.   Last fiscal year the City Manager allotted $150,000 for 5 new vehicles and maintenance cost for the hiring of the new Police Officers.
As a budget director, I went to the Police Union and request a 10% cut in wages or freeze the wages until the next fiscal year, thus saving $300,000.   Also cutting 16 paid holidays a year will save the City $400,000.   The Police Union Committee advised the Union has only agreed to a 1% pay cut within the next fiscal year, which will save the City $30,000. The Committee has also agreed to 10 paid holidays a year instead of 16.   This will save the City an annual $150,000 a year.  
The Chief of Police has agreed to cut the training budget   by 80%.   The City will save an annual budget of $125,000.
With these cuts alone, the City will save $1,655,000 alone.   Another proposal will cut community programs and events within...