School Uniform


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School Uniform

View Full Essay Amanda Dickerson
527 Apple Ridge Rd.
Greensboro, NC 27406

November 7, 2012

Attn: Principal Mr. James Gibson
Southern Guilford High School
5700 Drake Rd.
Greensboro, NC 27406
Dear Mr. James Gibson,
Aren't you tried of problems with S.M.O.D? I am also. The reason i want S.M.O.D changed is because of finacial difficulties, no individual expression, and change in bullying and violence. In this paper I will explain to you why S.M.O.D is very unnesssaier. Also, why my points make S.M.O.D very unneeded.
My first point is the finacial difficulties parents have with S.M.O.D. Most students have two different wardrobes, one for out of school and one for in school.Also, since uniforms have specific requirements, parents may not be able to find uniform options in discount like they could if their child had more freedom to choose their own clothes. Also, it's makes it more expensive because of needing to purchase uniforms every year because of students being emparssed to wear the same clothes every year. Lastly, it is a hassle for families with low incomes and more kids in school. With families with low income and more kids in school having to purchase two different wardrobes, it makes it difficult. So thats how S.M.O.D makes parents have finacial difficulties.
My second point is it takes away all students individual expression. I think it takes away students individual identites. Students also feel inferior to faculty, like they aint being treated as kids instend of up rising adults. Also, not acknowledging students as individuals. If we are in uniforms we are all the same and dont have the chance to be able to be seen as individual young adults. When every student is forced to dress just like everyone else, they loses their freedom to choose how that student wants to present themself through their clothing. Also, some uniforms may conflict with a student’s religious beliefs and practices regarding proper attire. So, if we are teachers and faculty look at us as...