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College Writing 1
November 6,   2012
Professor Baggott


Each year had come and gone, and my backyard resembled a junkyard.   It was filled with rotting fruit trees that once yielded in abundance, a beat up Volkswagon that had been stripped down to the shell, and strips of metal beams, bars, stakes, and nails all covered with rust stains among the dead grass.
Each year I thought to myself quietly, the day is coming when the children will be grown and out the house.   The days of hustling motherhood, wifey, PTA with no pay or time to sprawl face down for a break where about to come to an end.   I remembered how I always wanted a pool.   This was my spot of heaven I created for myself. It is a place of serenity in time of daily pressures.   I would completely drop out of sight from the outside world.
On a hot, sweltering summer afternoon, I decided to call various pool companies and schedule an appointment.   This process was brief because I already had a budget and design.   I made a decision within a week.  
I itched with energy throughout each phase of the three month project.   During the first month, equipment the size of Tonka Toys zipped up and down the driveway.   I heard bells as if it were a garbage truck backing up.   The smell of the debris way stale, mixed with the ever present warming scent of fresh tar being poured one block away.
Workers for the pool company met early every morning for coffee and conversation.   Collectively, they all had a deep, throaty, genuine laughter during excavating stage.   I willfully watched each phase completed and before my eyes the junkyard transformed into my heavenly retreat.
Tonia‚Äôs spacious Heavenly Retreat has swimming pool ten feet deep. The water is as blue as the Caribbean Ocean, a Jacuzzi for relaxing, and a three tier waterfall with seats conveniently built-in.   On warm summer days, hopping into my pool is like sitting down in a...