Fast Foods: America Healthier


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Fast Foods: America Healthier

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Cristian Zamorano
DeVry University
October 10, 2012

Fast Foods: Healthier America
        Recently, many fast food chains have been marketing new, seemingly healthful additions to their menus. From chicken wraps and sandwiches to smoothies to salad creations, it seems fast food restaurants are trying to increase appeal to a new audience. At the same time the American Heart Association states, Diets high in fat, cholesterol and sodium are associated with the development of heart disease. Fast foods, while convenient and inexpensive, often have high level of all three of these cardiac risk factors. Consumption of fast foods should be limited, but when it is chosen, diners do have some healthier options.    
        Fast food is cheap, convenient, filling, and to most tastes good. In the twenty-first century society lives in the fast lane. Who has time to cook or sit long enough to eat a home cooked meal. Fast food has taken care of that with millions of locations and a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. Fast food has come a long way from the Big Mac or the Whopper, providing the consumer with healthier choices, such as salads, yogurt, soups, and alternative sandwiches. Not just giving the consumer more healthier choices but educating the consumer on healthier eating: consumer pressure to eat healthier, providing the consumer with healthier choices, and educating the consumer on healthier eating.
Consumer Pressure to Eat Healthier
        Consumers are becoming more and more educated on healthy eating and with increasing pressure from the American Heart Association on heart disease. Society is overwhelmingly more focus on eating healthier. One of the first fast food chains to pioneer the health-food craze was Subway. From the beginning, the company focused on an alternative eating habits and the first campaign they lunch was (healthy-eating campaign). Soon after that, a woman from Indiana called the company,...