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Hilo My Name Is Bob

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28 October 2012

Medieval Europe Article Summary:

In the article on the Middle Ages I found, the author gives a brief, yet highly informative explanation of the Middle Ages. It explains the name, government, economy, social structure, religion, education, and literature of the Middle Ages. The article extended my knowledge of this time in history. First, I learned that during the Renaissance, scholars thought this time was a “barbaric era separating their own age from the glories of ancient Greece and Rome”. The article then explains that the government was based on feudalism. There are three classes of people in the Middle Ages: the nobles, the clergy, and the common people. The nobles governed, the clergy worshipped God and appointed society’s social needs, and the common people worked s peasants, craftsmen, and merchants. Religion in these times was mostly based on Roman Catholic teachings- which before I read this article I had not known-; almost all of the people were members of the Roman Catholic Church. Because of the importance of religion to the people, some call this time the “Age of Faith”. The article also tells the reader about education. Education in the Medieval period was developed from Christian teachings and Europe’s classical tradition. The formation of European writing, such as epics, sagas, and ballads, started in the Middle Ages. Questions that come to mind for the author of this article are: If someone was not a Christian, how and by whom were they taught by? What religions were there in the Medieval period, in addition to Christianity?

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