Together We Stand 2


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Together We Stand 2

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“Together We Stand Letter”

Written By: Elizabeth Baker


August 12, 2011

Beverly Walker

Axia College of University of Phoenix

      To Whom It May Concern,

      It has come to the attention of this community, and should be made known by all citizens, so a possible solution may be found. Over the past several years many children and adults have suffered many of the same symptoms which have become a great concern to everyone in this community. With much research, and speaking with those that have become ill, it has been discovered that the cause to the problem is not only the environment surrounding us yet, it appears the gas company have also been found to be at fault. It appears that the gas company has become slack in their enforcement of policy and rules. Policies are put in place so that the safety and protection of not only workers but the community surrounding it should stay safe. With the lack of proper regulations and policies it keeps the company from allowing chemical run offs onto the land and into the water supplies. The chemicals are dangerous for people to inhale and absorb into their systems. The risks are high that people become not only sick but can actually die from the chemical misuse. There must be stiffer laws and penalties for those that do not follow the rules and regulations.

      I have written this letter in hope of bringing a community together and asking all to take this problem to the state represenitive, on behalf of those that have become sick and even died in the recent past. A discussion should be held to find a way to resolve the current problem. It may become necessary to take this issue to a higher form of the government, in order to make it well known that the gas company should be held responsible, for their actions or rather lack of their responsibility in protecting the surrounding community.

      The gas company allowed their standards to be lowered and fell below the...