Sampling Methods Notes


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Sampling Methods Notes

‘’Only for the eyes concerned, I mean you wouldn’t be reading this piece of writing if you weren’t concerned right?’’  
Process steps:
Step 1: Define the population of interest
Step 2: Determine whether to sample or census
Step 3: Select the sampling frame
Step 4: Choose a sampling method
Step 5: Determine sample size
Step 6: Implement the sampling procedure

Step 1
Final definition of population: 1st year students living in accommodations, residing in Bradford and Leeds.
Step 2
Our group has to sample because we only want an acute population of the 1st year students, and not a general band. A sample would be more beneficial to us than a census, due to more detailed data gathering and less irrelevant responses from our participants.
Step 3
Our sampling frame will fall in the areas of student accommodations near Bradford University, and or accommodations of Leeds University. We could also ask Bradford University to help us gather information from their database of who is a 1st year student living at the halls. Also we can attract people from outside Leeds University or Bradford University, and approach them through these means. Another more convenient option would be to email all of the undergraduates year 1 students, and ask if they are living in accommodations and are willing to help out in our research.

Step 4
*Sampling method falls into the major categories; probability sampling and non-probability sampling.
Probability sampling comes under its own title, and is a process in which every member of the population has a known probability of being selected. Once the procedure has been set out the potential candidates are free from selection bias from researcher, therefore benefitting the integrity of the research outcomes. This may be a possible option for our group to decide upon since it’s a rather convenient, and simple to carry out. On the other hand, results would be rather similar if say all one block of accommodation...