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Religion Today

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Religion in America is very important, over seventy-five percent of Americans claim to be of a certain religious belief. Religion was the building block that started our country, even from the days of the pilgrims, that is the reason why they came to this country. America was started on the basis of religious freedom and it has carried on down today. Today religion is one of the most vital parts of American society.

In today's society many American teens feel that they should have some sort of religion whether it is Christianity, Judaism, Muslim, Buddhism, and many other small pagan and spiritual religions. American teens that are Christian attend religious services quite frequently. Over seventy percent of American teen Christians attend church on a regular basis and would like to live good Christian lives. The Jewish American teens also hold a high faith in their religion, and attend religious services frequently. Other religions such as pagan, wicca, and other satanic religions embed themselves in the remaining teen population, giving them some sort of faith to believe in.

In America the female attendance in church, in most cases, greater than the attendance of males. Most Christian adults in America claim to pray almost every day and try to attend church on a regular basis. Almost ninety percent of these adults who have children, encourage their children to attend church with them and a high number of these children stay with church for the rest of their lives. In other religions such as Muslim, a high number of followers pray to their god and do their religious tasks throughout their lives. Most of the pagan and witchcraft religion's people outgrow this religion and move on to a more promising religion later in life.

Today religion is one of the most vital parts of American society. If there was no religion than there would be no discipline or anything to keep this country together. The basis of our country started...