World War 2 - Paper 7


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World War 2 - Paper 7

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Justin Underwood

When people think World War II, they think Hitler, but Hitler was not the only reason for the massive war.   Germany invaded Poland, which brought France and Great Britain into the war, Japan invaded Manchuria, which brought China into the world, Japan attacked the US fleet at Pearl Harbor, which brought the United States into the war, and Germany invaded Russia, and brought the Soviet Union into the war.   These are the immediate causes for the war, but as always, there was a motive for the attacks.   I will be talking mostly about Germany.
Germany invaded these countries because of the Treaty of Versailles, which was a treaty signed by Germany after World War I.   Germany’s military was very restricted; it was forced to give up territory in Europe and in its overseas colonies, and was ordered to pay $33 billion in war damages.   Germany went into a great depression, and this is when Hitler defied all charges on the treaty, re-armed Germany, and threatened nearby countries.   This was bad for many European countries because they had cut off military forces, some even almost disarming their selves.   World War II began in 1939 as a German – European conflict.   The Germans, under the Nazi regime invaded France, Poland, and Britain.   Hitler ordered his army to persecute all Jews; this was known as the Holocaust. They were put in concentration camps, and killed in cold blood.   11 million people lost their lives, including 6 million Jews from 1938 to 1936.
In 1941, the war became global.   Germany and European axis countries invaded the Soviet Union with a plan to wipe out the Soviets military power.   The US had been helping the British and other allied countries with the war on the axis by using their navy; they supplied 80 percent of Japans oil, which they cut off soon after Japan had joined the axis. The United States entered the war December 8th, 1941, after the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.   The war would soon turn into a...