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Appendix C

Brainstorming Techniques

I believe mind mapping does help prepare for outlining important details one intends to mention.   I find it much easier doing this on paper, however.   I know before my final essay I will have changed some of these points to narrow down the importance of each.   I possibly will not include as many details in order to explain the attitudes of each opinion regarding medical tourism and the two sides in more depth. As it stands I had many different topics to bring up in reference to the main topic and I see in a visual way that it needs to be tuned down.
Over all, mind mapping helps me with being able to weigh out the less important aspects before attempting a compilation of thoughts.   If each bubble had a scale, the most important could be weighed before the final production.   This is a very helpful prewriting technique.


Plastic Surgery Involving Medical Tourism

High local costs

Costs of travel

What do people think?

Controversy over new the trend

Vacation destinations or risky adventures?

Detail: No insurance coverage with cosmetic procedures

Detail: Typically a fraction less overseas

Detail: Is resort treatment during recovery possible for the price?

Detail: Safe and secure for after treatment follow up, including waters?

Details: Airfare and lodging while away

Detail: Safety for travel to certain destinations.

Detail: controversy involving plastic surgery alone, muchless third world

Travel to “third world” environments for procedures

Detail: Are the doctors as qualified?

Detail: Are there the same medical safety practices