Food System


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Food System

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      The Influence of Food

Table of contents

Introduction 4
1. Food systems 5
2. Cultural issues 7
3. Healthy food 9
Conclusion 11
Work cited 12
Food is maybe one of the broadest topic human can share with each other.
According to Maslow hierarchy of needs, food is one of the physiological needs so that every human need to eat in order to live. Food is primarily influenced by the ingredients that are available locally. Most of us know so much about food, the way we eat because of our tradition and culture. But most of us also know so less about food, on how it effects our health.
Eating is in some ways a paradox that modern scientists are trying to solve.

  1. Food systems
Choosing the food system, like vegetarianism, tells about person’s values and opinions.
There are four main types of vegetarianism, which excludes all kind of meat. First is the ovo-lacto vegetarianism, it includes eggs, dairy products and honey. Second is Lacto vegetarianism, which excludes eggs, but includes dairy products and honey. Ovo-vegetarianism excludes dairy products, but includes eggs and honey. Veganism excludes dairy products, eggs and honey. Then there are vegetarians, who don’t use any kind of animal products. (Dictionary)

Choosing vegetarian food system may first need some effort to learn what to eat to be sure that it contains all important nutrients. After learning what to eat and how much, vegetarianism don’t need more effort than meat including food system. People, who include meat in their food system, need also be sure that their food includes all nutrients. Anyhow it needs personality, with strong will to changes your habits...