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Study Guide Questions

Please write in complete sentences.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 introduces readers to the town of Maycomb, its appearance, its inhabitants, and the particular attitudes of many of its people. Find a sentence or a paragraph which illustrates each of the following attitudes/ideas. Quote at least a portion of the sentence or paragraph and give the page number.

a. pride in ancestry and   “tradition”

b. pride in conformity and distrust of those who are different

c. awareness of difference in social classes

d. narrow span of interest and almost no interest in the world outside of Maycomb

2. Approximately when does the story begin?

3. What do we know for certain about Boo Radley?

4. Why is Boo so fascinating to the children?

Chapter 2

5.Scout makes three mistakes during her first day at school. What are her mistakes, and why do they make Miss Caroline so angry?

6. Why are the professional people in Maycomb poor at this time?

7. What is the WPA, and why won’t Mr. Cunningham work for it?

Chapter 3

8. Calpurnia lectures Scout on manners when Scout criticizes Walter’s manners and Atticus supports her. What does this tell you about how both Calpurnia and Atticus feel about others?

9.   Burris Ewell, Walter Cunningham, and Chuck Little are all from extremely poor   families. However, there are great differences both in appearance and in attitudes, particularly between the Cunninghams and the Ewells. What are those differences and why do you suppose they exist?

10. Atticus tells Scout, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view….until you   climb in his skin and walk around in it.” What are some of the things that Scout begins to realize at this point? (p. 34)

11. Why does Atticus say that the law is rigid for “common folk,” but it is bent in certain ways for the Ewells?

12. What is the “compromise” which Atticus suggests?

Chapter 4