Interview of Vewrn Manner


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Interview of Vewrn Manner

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Interview of Vern Manner
Chief of Police

Janice Smith
Professor Levit
November 23, 2010

My interview was with Police Chief Vern   Manner of the Chisholm Minnesota Police

Department.   He has worked as a police officer for 17 years and became Chief of Police

in January of this year.   In addition to regular police duties,   he is in charge of writing budgets,

hiring and training new officers and must attend all city council meetings.

Chief Manner has wanted to be a police office since he was in grade school.   He earned his AA

Degree in Criminal Justice at Hibbing Community College.   Before becoming a police officer,

Chief Manner worked as a carpenter and in the mines.  

What he loves most about his job is the interaction with others and the variety of situations he

has been in.   “You never know what is going to happen when the original call comes in.”  

He dislikes the “politics” of the job and the negativity of the public in certain situations.

Police Chief Manner cannot imagine not being a police officer.   It was always his first career

choice.   If   he were not a police officer he would probably still be working in the mines. He gave

up making a good hourly wage at the mines just to be a police officer.  

His advice for those interested in becoming a police officer is in addition to getting a good

Education, remember that there is a lot of negativity in the job.   “It hardens you. If you feel

you are too emotional, then this type of career is not for you.”

What   surprised me about this interview was that Chief Manner seemed so down to earth.  

I always had an idea in my mind that police officers were so stiff and had no sense of humor.

I never imagined them as “real” people.   He didn’t seem “hardened” by what he has seen

through the years.  

Police Chief Manner was not my first interview choice.   My career goal is to become a forensic

psychologist, but I...