How to Become a Police Officer


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How to Become a Police Officer

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During this course I have encounter many ways to understanding human communication. I have also read a book relating to understanding human communication called “That’s Not What I Meant” by Deborah Tannen. Today I will be disgusting about what I have learned from each book and also talk about understanding human communication and relationships. I also take examples from my and other people encounter with these situations.
In chapter one through five of the “Understanding Human Communication book, it all ties in with each other. They all explain the different types of elements that we use and what we have to deal with on a daily basis. In chapter one it talks about the different types of communication. It also talks about why we communicate and why it is important. Chapter one also includes the functions of communication, like physical and identity needs. One thing that I found in chapter one that was quite interesting was if people who lack strong relationships have two to three times the risk of early death, regardless of whether they smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, or exercise regularly (Quoted on page 6). Chapter one also talks about what makes us an effective communicator, and clarifies misconceptions about communication.
In chapter two it talks about the self, perception and communication. It talked about perceiving others and communication and identity management. After reading this chapter I learned the consequences of having different narratives. I know if I had if a narrative was explored in a similar situation I know that I and that person would often get into a competition with our narratives. I also learned that our culture plays a big role in
Communication.. When you take interest in ones culture I feel most of the time that the person or group may respect you for that in which it makes the communication process different, like for instant trying new things. I also learned that sitting down...