Academic Honesty by Robert C. Mullins


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Academic Honesty by Robert C. Mullins

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Academic Honesty


Robert C. Mullins

    When I first started at the University of Phoenix online schooling, I was really excited and really proud of myself with being able to go to college. My sister and I are the first two people in our family to be able to have this chance to attend college. Right now I am currently taking Business for my Associate’s. After that is done I will be taking up Criminal Justice for my Bachelor’s Degree. I want to be able to have a back-up plan after leaving college. I either want to open up my own Private Investigation business or simple become a police officer.

    After learning that I had plagiarized a homework assignment in my ETH/120 class, I had done some further researching on Academic Honesty. I searched through the school’s website on plagiarism on how to maintain academic honesty. For my homework assignment I did not really know that you had to quote direct citations from the source. Yes, this is my fault on not knowing this information. I should have read everything when I first started these courses. I have not had any more problems after that one assignment.

    Now I fully understand what it means when it comes to academic honesty. I have taken many or all of my homework assignments, after the assignment I am originally in trouble for, and I put them through the Write Point and the Plagiarism checker to make sure I am maintaining my academic honesty. Being dishonest in writing papers is most definitely not the right thing to do. You are stealing someone else’s work and taking the credit yourself for that work. I know now that is not right at all. I have heard of plagiarism before even tending college but never really thought anything of it until that assignment.

    “Academic Integrity/Honesty- means performing or writing all academic work without lying, cheating, plagiarism, stealing, or obtaining unauthorized or illegitimate assistance from any one person, or even using any other source for...